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August 12 2017

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Radha upbraids Krishna for going with other women
The Khandhita nayika from a Rasikapriya or Astanayika series
ca 1750–60. Guler, India. Opaque pigments with gold on paper.

August 11 2017

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seymour chwast

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From the book Decoration USA by José Wilson and Arthur Leaman 1965

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July 23 2017

July 22 2017

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Mexican symbols, Annual report of the Bureau of Ethnology to the Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, 1880

May 23 2017

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“So kill your health and kill yourself
And kill everything you love
And if you live you can fall to pieces
And suffer with my ghost
Just a burden in my hand
Just an anchor on my heart
Just a tumor in my head
And I’m in the dark”

Burden in my Hand by Soundgarden

Oh my youth…

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Michael Biehn & Linda Hamilton, The Terminator (1984)

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April 23 2017

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I am very tired, very banal, very confused. I do not know who I am tonight.
— Sylvia Plath, The Unabridged Journals; p. 184

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April 13 2017

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Body wants sex.
Heart wants love.
Mind wants both.
— Somewhere on twitter (via liveyourownlife-smile)
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